I’m Ashley Carter. I was born and raised in Dartford and have lived here all my life. This is all you need to know about me and my photographic journey. Enjoy!

Having always been a creative person its hard to pinpoint the moment I really developed an interest in photography. I was always taking things apart as a kid eager to know how they worked, and this is probably why I didn’t get my hands on a camera until I was in my very early teens. My first camera was a simple Kodak point and shoot with a few manual settings, It did what it was meant to do and helped me learn the fundamentals of framing and the basics of exposure. Since then I’ve had bigger and better cameras. Shot both digitally, on 35mm and medium format film. Shooting with a medium format camera is my favorite method of photography, its a very rewarding experience and strips away the effortlessness of a digital camera.

I studied photography at school and earned an A level in the subject. I took a year away from education to work but eventually came back to complete a foundation degree at North West Kent College.

I learned a lot about photography and developed my own style while capturing theatre productions at the WalkTall Charity which was formally in Swanscombe. Initially, I tried to be a part of the shows but gradually found my desire to photograph was stronger, and eventually became just the photographer. Due to the limitations of my equipment at the time and the available light, I had to be creative when capturing rehearsals and shows. I found myself anticipating the light, moving to find the shot and knowing where to put people in the frame to capture the right mood. Having access to a large group of actors also gave me the opportunity to develop my portraiture skills. With improvised lighting setups and minimal equipment, I managed to create fantastic headshots for the actors.

Over the past few years, I have branched out with my photography. I apply the skills learned in the past to use at functions such as weddings and parties. I believe that the way I developed my skills has given me a unique perspective when it comes to capturing the special moments in peoples lives. Every story is different and it is my job as the photographer to capture those special parts in the best possible way.